Terminux - is a SSH and WebUi Client for android.


  • Login with password and private key (ECDSA, RSA and DSA)

  • Direct connection to terminal or fast send command (snippest)

  • Fast WebUI access

  • Support Wake On Lan (WOL)

  • Auto detection of mac address (LAN network)

  • AES-256 encrypted backups of saved hosts

  • To send command just pick host and command from the list that you added earlier. And thst's it !!! You can also enter custom command.

  • Log in with password and private key is spupported in "Commands".

  • With Terminux You can also easily acces WebUi, such as device like linux box, raspbery pi, router or any other devices that support this protocols.

  • Custom port is supported. Also you can choose to use HTTPS or HTTP prottocol. (Remember that use HTTP is not secure outside of LAN network). App will alert You when connection is not encrypted

  • Select theme you like

Terminux Terminal

  • For live session ssh (live terminal connection) You need to install, Terminux Terminal Plugin or other ssh client like connectbot. Why you can use other app to connect? Because is all based on same opensoure librarys.

  • (Login with private key is not supported in live session, you need to set key in connectbot and then You can login from terminux without entering password)

Terminux Terminal is based on Termux-App released under the GPLv3 license.

You can found Terminux Terminal source code Here.